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We believe that growing older doesn’t mean living any less of a life and we’re here to help Olden Goldies live life to the full.

Companion+ Support Service

Support & Home Help

 Most families struggle to spend time together and many older people are lonely. At Olden Goldies, our companion+ service brings help at home and good company, giving peace of mind when you can’t be there – encouraging them to “live life to the full”.

Reconnecting Friends

Back together

Olden Goldies love to meet up with friends. Many have moved away, couldn’t meet up during the pandemic or lost touch with their long time friends – it’s now time to make contact with them again.

We can arrange this, support and accompany them too.

Helping people get our of the home
Visits to the home for elderly people

Valued Company

At Home Visits

Need some company to pass the time of day? Our Companion+  services are as much fun for us as they will be for you.

Stick the kettle on, grab the biscuit tin and we could look at some old photos or play some games.

It’s great fun to reminisce and tell old stories.

Friendly Chat

Phone Catch-up

There’s nothing like a good blether to keep in touch with family and friends.

We can arrange and coordinate drop in calls throughout the day to keep loved ones involved. Our Olden Goldies really love the regular contact and to hear the voices of those so close.

Friendly chats with our home care clients
Visiting our clients at care homes and hospitals as part of our services

Valued Support

Care Home/Hospital Visits

Is there a loved one in care and with a hectic schedule you can’t always be there? Wouldn’t a wee hello, a regular visit and some friendly chat help to brighten the day?

Or if they’re in hospital for a wee while, we can visit – have a chat, spend some time with them, to make a stay not so blue.

Have Some Fun

Oot & aboot

A run in the country, or a visit to the seaside?  It’s great to visit old favourites or new places.

Shopping at Loch Lomond, an ice cream in Troon or a walk along the promenade at Largs to blow away the cobwebs.

Our Companion+ services extend beyond the house. Lets jump in the car and see where the road takes us! 

Taking our clients on days out as part of our home care service
Helping our home care clients to doctor and hospital appointments

Vital Support

Medical Appointments

Whether it’s the hospital, doctor or the dentist – they can all take time out of the day and usually mean a bit of travel and a wee wait.

We can be there to accompany and assist you, whatever it may be. We’ll even go for a cup of tea afterwards!

Spoil Yourself

Beauty/Grooming Appointments

A makeover or a massage, a spa day or a new hair day!  Maybe even a trip to the barbers for that all important shave and the old faithful short back & sides.

We can help arrange it and take you there!

Taking one of our clients to get a hair cut

Time To Reflect

Short Breaks

A night away from the boring routine, a trip over the water, up the coast, a change of scenery, or a visit a familiar place full of fond memories maybe?

It’s more fun with a friend and we can arrange for someone to accompany you and be as much or as little company as you choose.

Taking one of our clients out of the home for some time to reflect
Tea and biscuits with one of our home care clients

Enjoy Yourself

Entertainment or a Special Event

Lunch out, a cuppa, the cinema or a show!  Why miss out when there is someone to accompany you? You can’t go to the panto any more – “oh yes you can!!”

We can also arrange for any football or rugby fans to attend a game, have a pie & a bovril or maybe just a pint in the pub to watch the game.

One of our team could talk football all day long and here to ‘match’ up with you!

Why not contact us today to arrange a tailor made service suited to your individual needs?

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