Services for wheelchair users

Reliable, friendly service provided by our Companion + team for younger less mobile people who would like to be ‘oot and aboot’

Extra Help For Anyone Who Needs It


After the success of our sister company ‘Olden Goldies’ we decided to add to our fleet of wheelchair accessible cars so that our younger aged clients could have a car just for them. ‘Accessible Future’ means that younger wheelchair users can be ‘oot and aboot’ enjoying life with a companion matched to their likes.

All staff are Insured and Disclosure checked.

*Wheelchair accessible vehicles available.*

Red and Orange Logo for Help 'n' Hand service

Let Us Help you with Your Messages


A service for those unable to get out on their own to get their shopping.

If you need help with the weekly messages, give us a call to help.

Remember we have wheelchair accessible vehicles to make it so much easier for shopping trips – food, clothes….anything!

Shopping basket for a help 'n' hand client
Dishes being washed for a help 'n' hand client

Clean Home, Happy Home

Light Cleaning

We understand that keeping a tidy home can be a bit much for some people and that’s where we come in.

Light cleaning services to help you out.

Every Little Helps

Basic Food Preparation

We can help you make a sandwich, heat a pie, make a cuppa if you need it.

Basic meal preparation for our help 'n' hand clients
Taking one of our help 'n' hand clients out to an appointment

Valued Support

Accompanied Appointments

You shouldn’t have to miss out or struggle to attend an appointment. Remember we have wheelchair accessible vehicles to make it so much easier for you to travel

A Friendly Face


Everyone needs some company. Help ‘n’ Hand are here to offer a companion+ service for anyone who is feeling alone.

Our friendly staff are here to have a gab and talk about anything that’s on your mind.

People walking, enjoying a day out in the sun

Get Out And About

Days Out

We enjoy days out as much as you. We’re here to accompany you on days out if you have a difficult time doing so yourself. Remember it’s so much easier with our wheelchair accessible vehicles

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