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We are dedicated to the welfare of the people we help, always ready to go the extra mile.







Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes something doesn’t sit right with you or you see people in need of help and realise that you can provide the solution.

That’s how Olden Goldies began. Barbara Davey was a long time companion to a dementia client in a position that lasted 7 years. As her client’s family lived abroad, she did housework, meal preparation, accompanied appointments and of course ‘oot & aboot’ trips.

This is where the idea of Olden Goldies came from. Barbara saw that older people were being left behind – forgotten – especially throughout the recent health crisis and that just wasn’t on. So, being the type of person she is, she left her comfortable job in the NHS with a steady salary and job security in order to help people through her Companion+ service. Providing friendship and lots more to those who have given everything for their family and their community throughout their long lives.

Knowing that everyone needs and deserves a friend, a helping hand or just some company in times of loneliness, drives her ever-forward.

What Our Olden Goldies Say About Us…………

We were given the contact details of Olden Goldies from a neighbour. We then met Barbara who was very helpful and understanding and recommended Katie as a match for my mother in law (MIL) Katie has been wonderful and we have now also started Rachel from Barbara’s team. They take my MIL out to interesting places for walks, coffees, cake etc. and also help with putting the shopping away. Now that the weather is better they are also out in the garden potting plants that they took my MIL to buy. My MIL has nothing but praise for the two of them. It’s nice for us to have friendly and helpful people we can trust on the ground as we live overseas. My husband is very happy that his mother is in good hands. A big thank you to the Olden Goldie’s team!”

Jennifer – May ’24


“I can’t thank Olden Goldies enough for all the help they give my dad! I would be lost without them as I live 260 miles away. Barbara always keeps me up to date with all of dad’s progress and health appointments. My dad and I appreciate everything they do for him and couldn’t thank them enough!”

Courtney – January ’24


“Absolutely outstanding companion service to my mum. She wouldn’t be able to live in her own house without them given that I live so far away. Particular shout out to Rebecca for the service she provides”

K J Smith – January ’24


“Olden Goldies is the 4th emergency service to me. Truly amazing team of people who take care of my mum when she is out with them. Complete trust in them and what they do. Without them I would be very close to the edge. All that matters is my mum’s welfare and her living in the moment. She always comes to the door laughing and smiling. She may not know where she has been but I know the person she was with has made those few hours all the better for my mum. Can’t thank them enough for everything they do” 

John – June ’23


“I’m so glad Gaynor is taking mum out for walks when she can. Physio is very pleased with her mobility- thanks”

Gillian – December 2022

“Barbara, I really can’t thank you and the team enough. Been a lifesaver for my mum and myself”

John – December ’22


“I’m absolutely loving having Louise- thanks again for finding her for me. I am so grateful beyond belief for your input”

Laura – Oct 2022

– This client is wheelchair bound but with our support now goes to exercise classes, a writing group & out girlie shopping –

“Barbara & Paddy have visited my mum on lots of occasions. He helps soothe my mum and lift her mood. Barbara has a very kind, caring nature and together they make a great team. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs some help and assistance. Best wishes.”

Mark – October 2022

“Mum seems happy that she has a new friend & we do see a marked change in her anxiety on the days that Gaynor visits- thank you”

Janet – Sept 2022

“I’m very pleased with the excellent service provided and especially with Rebecca- I don’t know what I’d do without her”

Evelyn – Sept 2022

“I look forward to going out and about with Barbara, starting with Olden Goldies, then Accessible Future. I’ve been to various hospital appointments, Revive MS Support and visits to Silverburn. You even feed my dog on our return. Thanks again for this great service Barbara – you are a ⭐️

Julie – Sept 2022

“I’ve got really good family and friends and now I have you as well. We just really click and we have a laugh“
Anne – Sept 2022

Barbara… “I just don’t know what I’d do without you and your team now. You’re my lifeline”

Alfred – August 2022

“The Olden Goldies team are fantastic.  My dad was really depressed after lockdown and he started receiving visits from the team.  When his confidence was back they started going out on trips.  Great to see my dad happy again.”

Carol – March 2022

“My mum loves going out with Barbara as she (Barbara) really takes the time to consider her interests. Going out every weeks gives her a wee bit of independence and she benefits greatly from the social interaction.”

Caroline – January 2022

“Barbara has been absolutely wonderful from first inquiry to now with our gran. Although our gran was hesitant at first she really looks forward to the visits. She has been a really good help and puts our mind at ease knowing she is in such good hands. Can’t recommend her enough!” 

Rona – December 2021

“Dads befriender/companion is adorable! I love to hearing them laugh together, it’s been so good to have someone different come and spend time with Dad and it’s such a relief knowing he’s been entertained for a while, it really takes the pressure off. Thank you Olden Goldies.”

Colette – November 2021

“Barbara and her team have been looking after a close elderly relative of mine for over six months. The team have always been professional, helpful and friendly. The proactive approach to identifying potential problems and helping with solutions has made the whole experience a lot easier for all concerned. We have seen a big improvement in our relatives outlook and he continues to improve.”

Michael – November 2021

How We Help

Let Us Be There When You Can't

Perhaps your parents or a family member are getting older and you’re frustrated that you can’t help them as much as you’d like to. Maybe you’re busy with your own family and work or you live too far away to make regular trips.
At Olden Goldies we want to help change the lives of elderly people & their families by giving our clients something to look forward to and bringing happiness into their lives.

Don't Let Post-Lockdown Blues Interrupt Happiness

With recent events life has been very difficult and has left many of our Olden Goldies feeling lonely & isolated. The legacy of Covid 19 still brings many challenges for some families and was an even bigger hurdle for those living alone who were shielding. This has had a continuing and lasting effect on self-confidence and health & wellbeing. At their own individual pace we can help your Olden Goldie to live life to the full again.


Real Friendship

Wouldn’t you be happy in the knowledge that your Olden Goldie was having regular phone calls, visits or social time out that allowed you to carry on with your busy life?
Wouldn’t it be great that your Olden Goldie could be accompanied and supported to all of their medical appointments?
Whatever your situation, the Olden Goldies team are here to help people in their golden years to enjoy life.

The Olden Goldies Team

The Olden Goldies team are a hardworking bunch of twenty really great people who are dedicated to providing our Companion+ services in your communities.

We always mean to get a group photo when we have our team meetings, but someone’s always rushing off.

When we mark up the daily diary each of the team has their work highlighted in a different colour so we can easily identify where they all should be – so instead of a team photo, here we all are – as our individual highlighter colours!


Playing board games with one of our Olden Goldies

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