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We are dedicated to the welfare of the people we help, always ready to go the extra mile.







Who We Are

Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes you see a problem and you just have to fix it. Something doesn’t sit right with you or you see people in need of help and realise that you can provide that help.

That’s how Olden Goldies began. Barbara Davey was a long time carer+ for a dementia client in a position that lasted 7 years. As her client’s family lived abroad, she did housework, meal preparation, appointments and of course oot & aboot.

This is where the idea of Olden Goldies came from. Barbara saw that older people were being left behind – forgotten – throughout the current health crisis. More so than ever before! And that just wasn’t on.

So, being the type of person she is, she left her comfortable job in the NHS with a steady salary and job security in order to help people through her home care service who have given everything for their family and their community throughout their long lives.

Knowing that everyone needs and deserves a friend or a helping hand, or just some company in times of loneliness, drives her ever-forward.

What We Do

How We Help

Let Us Be There When You Can't

Perhaps your parents or a family member are getting older and you’re frustrated that you can’t help them as much as you’d like to. Maybe you’re busy with your own family and work or you live too far away to make regular trips.
At Olden Goldies we want to help change the lives of elderly people & their families by giving our clients something to look forward to and bringing happiness into their lives.

Don't Let Lockdown Interrupt Happiness

With recent lockdowns life has been very difficult and left many of our Olden Goldies feeling lonely & isolated. Covid 19 has brought many challenges for families and an even bigger hurdle has been for those who have had to self-isolate. With all the safety measures in place we can help your Olden Goldies with daily tasks and ensure that they are happy and safe.


Real Friendship Support Service

Wouldn’t you be happy in the knowledge that your Olden Goldie was having regular phone calls, visits or social time out that allowed you to carry on with your busy life?
Wouldn’t it be great that your Olden Goldie could be accompanied and supported to all of their medical appointments?
Whatever your situation, the Olden Goldies team are here to help people in their golden years to enjoy life.

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