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The companion+ service for people in their golden years who would like to enjoy life more.







Companion+ Support Service

Support Those Who Have Supported You

Most families struggle to spend time together and many older people are lonely. At Olden Goldies, our companion+ home care service brings help and good company, giving peace of mind when you can’t be with them.

What We Do

How We Help

Let Us Be There When You Can't

Perhaps your parents or a family member are getting older and you’re frustrated that you can’t help them as much as you’d like to. Maybe you’re busy with your own family and work or you live too far away to make regular trips.
At Olden Goldies we want to help change the lives of elderly people & their families by giving our clients something to look forward to and bringing happiness into their lives.

Don't Let Lockdown Interrupt Happiness

With recent lockdowns life has been very difficult and left many of our Olden Goldies feeling lonely & isolated. Covid 19 has brought many challenges for families and an even bigger hurdle has been for those who have had to self-isolate. With all the safety measures in place we can help your Olden Goldies with daily tasks and ensure that they are happy and safe.


Real Friendship Support Service

Wouldn’t you be happy in the knowledge that your Olden Goldie was having regular phone calls, visits or social time out that allowed you to carry on with your busy life?
Wouldn’t it be great that your Olden Goldie could be accompanied and supported to all of their medical appointments?
Whatever your situation, the Olden Goldies team are here to help people in their golden years to enjoy life.

Olden Goldies

What Drives Us

Olden Goldies is a family owned business run predominantly by Barbara Davey. Our ethos is to treat our Olden Goldies with the respect, dignity and care as if they were our own. Having recently left the NHS Barbara has decided that helping our Olden Goldies is her true passion. With a wealth of life experiences under her belt Barbara gained an HNC in Healthcare followed a few years ago by a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Care Management (within Health & Social Care). Barbara is a natural people person and puts her heart and soul into helping others. Along with lots of other ongoing training courses she is prepared for all eventualities. Being an Advanced Driver for over 25 years, you know you’re in safe hands!

Based in Paisley, Barbara, like her team, are all Disclosure checked and covered by insurance.

Playing board games with one of our Olden Goldies

Olden Goldies


Olden Goldies is pleased to introduce a new range of gift packed traditional sweeties for your special Olden Goldie.

There are lots of flavours in both regular and sugar free versions which are sure to please.

More details will be added later, but for now message, email or phone for our comprehensive list. 

Olden Goldies sister service

Our newest service

Accessible Future

We have recently relaunched the Accessible Future sister service to Olden Goldies. As the name suggest, it’s all about accessibility and living life to the full for wheelchair users.

This is an all age service individually tailored to your requirements.

Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Shopping
  • Light housework
  • Accompanied appointments
  • Companion+
  • Days out

We have wheelchair accessible vehicles available to take you out for anything you wish!

Working in the community with

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